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We offer a scorpion control service in Phoenix!

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Scorpion removal is a process that requires great experience, expertise, and a professional approach to be conducted successfully. We offer you all that it takes, and more! At VIP Pest Control, we have designed an efficient mechanism and scorpion treatment process. Our service includes a preliminary scorpion home inspection, a process of guaranteed scorpion control, as well as scorpion control maintenance. We offer end-to-end complete services for residential scorpion control and you can completely rely on us to help you control scorpions in Phoenix

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Why Is Scorpion Control Important?

  • Scorpions are commonly found in many places including residences
  • Scorpions are poisonous, dangerous and even deadly in may cases
  • Scorpion control removes the scorpions and doesn’t let them come back
  • Scorpion treatment also prevents scorpions from coming to your place
  • Scorpion control removes the fear and anxiety from your mind

Our Scorpion Control Process ( How Does It Work? )

Our professionally designed scorpion pest control service is a simple yet effective five-step process:

  • You express your interest in the service and ask for a quote, either by calling us or through our website.
  • We examine your needs, conduct an inspection if needed, and give you a suitable quote.
  • Our professional scorpion removal experts carry out the process at your place in a safe manner.
  • We hand over your property to you after complete scorpion treatment and sanitization.
  • We also offer post-service assistance and scorpion control maintenance.
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Our Services

Residential Scorpion Control:

We have a dedicated and specialized scorpion control service in Phoenix for the residential complexes. This includes doing scorpion control in big and small homes, flats, residential societies, and bungalows. We provide residential scorpion control giving due consideration to the needs and requirements of the setup of a home.

Commercial Scorpion Control

It includes scorpion removal from office complexes, factories, shops, and showrooms in a way that suits them the best. At VIP Pest Control, we have a dedicated team specialising in Commercial Scorpion Control. We ensure that the scorpion removal from commercial establishments is done efficiently and effectively, in a professional manner. 

What To Expect From Our Service?

  • 100% scorpion removal from your home, workspace, office or commercial property
  • Guaranteed scorpion control for a certain specific period of time
  • Professional, safe and secure process with no hassles
  • Complete post-service support and Scorpion control maintenance

Why Choose Us?

  • Comprehensive scorpion control in Phoenix with complete sanitization
  • A well-trained and expert team of professionals to carry out scorpion control
  • And a proven track record of successful scorpion removal
  • Use of the latest technology and high-quality ingredients
  • Adequate safety measures during and after Scorpion removal

Safety Tips Against Scorpions

  • Recognize what a scorpion looks like, so you can be alert and can identify it if you come across one.
  • Regularly move and check furniture and heavy infrastructures like beds, tables, and cupboards.
  • They hide during the day so be wary, particularly near bark.
  • Be extra careful when working in the garden or open areas.
  • If you have kids at home, then be extra careful and keep them safe.
  • If you suspect that your area has scorpions, go for scorpion home inspection to find cracks and crevices which may be entry points into your house.
  • Regularly get the scorpion treatment process done to remove scorpions and keep them away.
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Here are some frequently asked questions.

How dangerous are scorpions?

Scorpions are venomous and can be extremely dangerous. A Scorpion bite can even prove to be deadly in many cases. 

How much time does it take for scorpion control?

The time taken for scorpion control depends on the size of the home or commercial establishment. The whole process is generally completed within a day.

How effective is Scorpion control?

Scorpion control is highly effective in removing the prevalent scorpions from a place and preventing them from coming back. We can help you get rid of them for good.

What kills scorpions?

Scorpions can be prevented by keeping your place clean. To kill them, boric acid and insecticides can be used. We have a range of control products.

Can scorpions come back?

Scorpions can come back if they are common in your area when the effect of the scorpion treatment goes away after a few months.