Roof Rat Removal in Phoenix

Got Roof Rats, House Mouse or other rodent problems in your home or agricultural buildings? Rodents can wreak havoc on homes and businesses, causing loss of money and damaging health as they chew everything they come across and are known carriers of disease.

Rats can keep you awake at night when hear them scurrying around in the roof. They can also inflict hidden damage to your property. They can damage your home’s insulation, chew through electrical cables, floor joints and walls. They can also undermine your building structure and retaining walls as a result of their burrowing.

Rodent Control services in Phoenix

We offer rodent pest control services in Phoenix!

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Rodent removal is a process that requires great experience, expertise, and a professional approach to be conducted successfully. We offer you all that it takes, and more! At VIP Pest Control, we have designed efficient and effective organic rodent pest treatment processes.

Our service includes a preliminary home inspection, a process of pest control treatment, as well as pest control maintenance. We offer end-to-end complete services for residential and commercial pest control and you can completely rely on us to help you control various pests in Phoenix.

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