Mole Removal in Phoenix

Moles are very destructive. They cause large holes in the lawn, which is difficult to repair and makes your property look unkempt. Moles live underground for most of their lives hunting for food.

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Moles eat grubs and other small insects that can harm your garden plants and flowers, so it is important to get the mole population under control before they destroy your entire lawn.

Here is information about how we stop mole damage to your lawn.

Firstly, we must find out where they are getting into the property through inspection tunnels or by baiting moles out of the ground. We can do this using mole traps.

The mole runs in the backyard are usually made from an abandoned tunnel or a new mole runway. Depending on the level of infestation, we can use mole removal products such as mole repellent granules to protect your property from further damage by moles. This will also stop them from returning after trapping and removing them temporarily.

The last thing that we can do to stop moles from damaging your lawn is to spray mole attractant on the grass around the border areas of your property so that any invading moles are attracted out of their tunnels into the open area of your garden where they will be caught by mole traps which have been placed there ready for them to walk onto.

We have a mole removal service that you may want to consider using to get rid of mole infestation in your lawn. Call Us on 844-664-0822