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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Home

We offer chemical-free Bed Bug exterminator services in Phoenix!

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We bring to you the highest quality Bed Bug Inspection, Bed Bug removal, and Bed Bug control. No matter what is the degree and extent of your Bed Bug problem, we can get it sorted out for you! 

Our bed bug exterminator control Phoenix has been designed by experts and is delivered by a team of highly trained professionals. At VIP Pest Control, we ensure that your problem is eliminated from the root, and does not come back again. Despite all of its advantages, the process of Bed Bug Control Phoenix is easy, simple, and quick. 

Furthermore, we offer complete support and guidance to our customers in all matters related to pest control. We want the best for you! Call Us on 844-664-0822

Call Us on 844-664-0822

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  • We offer the efficient Bed Bug Control in Phoenix
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Bed Bug Inspection, Removal and Control services

In a world where bed bugs have become an epidemic, it is important to know how to get rid of bed bugs in your home and bed bug pest control.

The number of families suffering from a bed bug infestation have been on the rise throughout the United States over the past years for various reasons. The most common way to get bed bugs is through travel; however, bed bugs can be transferred from place to place if people move items that are infected with bed bugs. For instance, used mattresses or couches may carry bed bugs if they were used in homes that had an existing bed bug problem.

If you live in Phoenix Arizona, why not call us today for our bed bug removal services? Our professionals at Pest Control VIP services all homes in the Phoenix area, so we can show you the best way to get rid of them.

Left unchecked, bed bugs can be a major problem for you and your family, bed bugs will feed on human blood every five to ten days; they look like and are the size of an apple seed and can be easily seen.

Heat Treatment Technology is a highly-affective method of eradicating the bugs in a closed-area in a short-period of time as the bugs cannot survive above 140F, and is chemical-free.

If you want bed bug removal services in Phoenix AZ, be sure to hire professionals that have experience with bed bug pest control. Our team at Pest Control VIP has provided bed bug pest control throughout Arizona for years helping families who suffer from bed bugs.

Our company offers several different options when it comes to our bed bug treatment services in Phoenix. Depending upon how severe your infestation is, there may be one bed bug removal service that will work for you or there may be multiple bed bug pest control options. We like heat treatment as it is chemical-free and 95% affective.

Our bed bug removal services in Phoenix include:


*Heat Treatment



If you would like to know more about our bed bug pest control in Phoenix and have suffered from this problem for too long, we recommend you call Pest Control VIP today on 844-664-0822